Save The Money?

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Save The Money?

No – spend the money! It’s worth it.

Why should we send Save The Dates?

I get this question more often than not. Brides and Grooms have a lot on their plates (besides cake tastings!), and they want to know how they can save money in every which way. I get that! But really – this is not the place to cut corners.  Save The Dates (which I’ll be calling STDs…not to be confused..) are so important in so many ways! First of all – what a fun way to announce that you’re getting hitched! Some couples skip the engagement parties, photos and announcements, so this is the first time your friends and family get to experience your excitement.

STDs set the tone for your event. It’s the first piece your guests get to see – they get a feel for you as a couple, your unique event, and it starts to build the excitement. You can include a website for more information – and that can be as detailed as you want! We had photos, stories, how we met, how the question was popped, our favorite places near the wedding venue, restaurants, sightseeing, hotels, flight information, etc etc etc. If you know me, you know I love everything detailed down to the bone. I just hope I didn’t leave anyone with blurry vision after all that reading!

Have some fun! Working together with the bride and groom (you’d be surprised how much input some grooms have!), we create the perfect custom design that compliments them as a couple. We choose colors, printing methods and paper stocks. The way you choose to write your save the date matters too! You can go with traditional, formal writing or be a little playful. My rule of thumb is let your personality shine. This is all about you, after all! Be as quirky as you both are.

Send your STDs at least six months before your wedding day, to give your guests ample notice. This way they can make travel and hotel arrangements, if necessary. And of course – mark that amazing day in their calendars, iPhones, Androids…

The next step is even more fun…the invitations! We’ll get to that another day.

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